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Is Greta Thunberg a political pawn? Thunberg accidentally tweets her social media content is curated by handlers

Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg accidentally tweeted a snapshot showing that her handlers have been curating her social media content. The snapshot contained suggested tweets that she could repost, along with actions she could take to generate more buzz, Breaking911 reported on Thursday.

Thunberg’s now-deleted tweet also includes a “toolkit” detailing steps that people can take to address the ongoing farmers’ protest in India. The Delhi police have now launched a criminal investigation into the authors of the document, which the police felt is further inciting civil unrest in India.

The tweet has attracted a new round of scrutiny accusing Thunberg of being a “pawn.” Past reports claimed that climate change advocates are using the 18-year-old as a mouthpiece, with people drawing links between green activist and PR consultant Ingmar Rentzhog and her mother Malena Ernman, who is an environmental activist herself.

Thunberg’s tweet contains incendiary material

The snapshot outlined several strategies intended for Thunberg to better spread the word on various current issues. These strategies included tagging people to put pressure on them to reshare her tweets and liking and retweeting other people’s posts.

The suggested tweets included a post from singer Rihanna. Dated Feb. 2, the post contained a link to a CNN article about the Indian protests and read, “Why are we not talking about this?”

Since last year, Indian farmers have been protesting against agricultural reforms that would minimize the government’s role in agriculture and open more space for private investors. The protesters fear that the reforms would end long-standing guaranteed prices for their crops and put them at the mercy of big businesses.


The protests had been peaceful until farmers drove a fleet of tractors into the historic Red Fort in Delhi on Jan. 26. This started a clash with the police and resulted in the death of one farmer.

Thunberg’s tweet included a toolkit that outlined several steps that people could take to show their solidarity with the farmers, including organizing on-ground rallies and tweeting about the protests. The toolkit was not created by Thunberg but is believed to be made by members of the Sikh religious movement, Reuters reported.

Many Indians suspect that the toolkit was months in the making and was intended to intensify the protests, according to Yahoo! News. The Delhi police also believe that the toolkit was created before Jan. 26 and interpreted it as “a call to wage economic, social, cultural and regional war against India.” The police had filed a criminal case against the toolkit creators and are currently investigating.

On Feb. 3, Thunberg tweeted the same CNN link with a caption that read, “We stand in solidarity with the #FarmersProtest in India.” She followed this up with another tweet containing the link to an updated toolkit. (Related: By demanding that the world submit to her climate lunacy or else be guilty of “hate,” Greta Thunberg is adopting Antifa tactics.)

Thunberg is a political pawn

Many people commented that Thunberg’s now-deleted post shows that she is being used as a pawn by globalists.

One person tweeted: “Oh wow, it’s almost like Greta is just a … pawn for somebody’s agenda.”

“She is a paid actress. Nothing but a globalist social media influencer,” another wrote.

“She may be on George Soros payroll. She is advising how to create unrest in India,” one person said, referring to the American globalist and billionaire who founded Open Society Foundations, an international nonprofit organization. (Related: Just as we suspected, climate youth puppet Greta Thunberg is controlled by George Soros.)

This is not the first time that Thunberg has been accused of being a political pawn. Since her school strikes in 2018, where she skipped class to protest outside the Swedish Parliament, several reports claim that Ingmar Rentzhog, a PR consultant and co-founder of the green social media platform We Have No Time, might have orchestrated Thunberg’s rise to fame.

Claims further state that Rentzhog might have been working with Ernman, Thunberg’s mother and a vocal climate change advocate.

Rentzhog posted pictures of then-unknown Thunberg in action and put up an article online on the same day that Ernman published her book about raising children with autism (both Thunberg and her sister have autism). The pictures and article went viral and helped bring worldwide attention to Thunberg.

Others also pointed out Thunberg’s inability to answer simple questions about “climate change” on the spot, which was unusual for the forcefulness of her past scripted remarks.

Learn more about how globalists are using Greta Thunberg to spread the climate change hoax at

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