Gov. Kathy Hochul wants to turn New Yorkers into fertilizer, signs bill that legalizes human composting

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to legalize human composting on December 31, 2022.

The bill, which was introduced by Democrat State Assembly Member Amy Paulin and Democrat State Sen. Leroy Comrie, states that “natural organic reduction (NOR) accelerates the process of biological decomposition in an aboveground container, naturally converting human remains to the soil.”

The Gateway Pundit reported that this method will provide New Yorkers with the option of choosing an “environmentally sustainable and cost-effective alternative” to burial and cremation. The human composting process works by placing a person’s remains in a vessel and filling it with a mix of wood chips, alfalfa and straw. Microbes break down the corpse and the plant matter, transforming the various components into nutrient-rich soil.

New York is the sixth state in America that has legalized composting dead human bodies. Natural Organic Reduction was first legalized in Washington State in 2019. Governor Gavin Newsom legalized it in California in September last year.

California’s Assembly Bill 351 explicitly allows for NOR beginning 2027. Until then, dead bodies in the state will still have to be either buried or cremated. (Related: Soylent Green: California legalizes composting of HUMANS.)

Human bodies are not household waste

The state order did not sit well with the New York State Catholic Conference.

“Composting is something we as a society associate with a sustainable method of eliminating organic trash that otherwise ends up in landfills. But human bodies are not household waste, and the bishops do not believe that the process meets the standard of reverent treatment of our earthly remains,” said Dennis Poust, executive director of the state’s Catholic congregation.


According to Poust, no public hearings were held to allow New Yorkers to weigh in on the pros and cons of the bill.

“It was all done behind closed doors,” Poust added. “The average New Yorker has no idea this bill was introduced, let alone passed. While it has been covered here and there in the press, it has received very little attention, which is troubling, because we certainly think that new methods of disposition of human remains ought to be talked about in society, and the public should have a chance to consider if this is a direction we want to go.”

Back in June, the catholic conference said in a statement: “While not everyone shares the same beliefs with regard to the reverent and respectful treatment of human remains, we believe there are a great many New Yorkers who would be uncomfortable at best with this proposed composting/fertilizing method, which is more appropriate for vegetable trimmings and eggshells than for human bodies.”

Recompose, a funeral home in Seattle, Washington D.C., claims on its website that it can turn the deceased into soil in as fast as 30 days. The funeral home also offers a “laying in” ceremony when the body is placed in a vessel to compost.

“For every person who chooses Recompose over conventional burial or cremation, one metric ton of carbon dioxide is prevented from entering the atmosphere,” the website stated.

“In addition, our approach to human composting requires 1/8 the energy of conventional burial or cremation. Recompose allows you to choose an end-of-life option that strengthens the environment rather than depleting it.”

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Watch the video below that talks about Newsom’s approval of composting dead bodies.

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