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Climate change propaganda has terrorized children into experiencing trauma when interacting with nature

New research has found that children who have been brainwashed with the climate change doctrine are traumatized to the point that they are unable to enjoy nature.

Entitled, “Childhood nature connection and constructive hope: A review of research on connecting with nature and coping with environmental loss,” the paper by Louise Chawla found that climate-indoctrinated children are not only scared of nature, but they tend to also lack any healthy connection to it.

Due to their instilled fears about things like rising sea levels and too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere, many of today’s children are unable to simply appreciate the natural world around them. Instead, they are busy worrying about what might happen in the next 12 years to erase it all from existence, which is too much for their developing brains to handle.

“Within a generation, children’s lives have largely moved indoors, with the loss of free-ranging exploration of the nearby natural world, even as research indicates that direct experiences of nature in childhood contribute to care for nature across the life span,” Chawla writes.

In other words, propagandizing children into being scared of global warming is actually detaching them from nature to such a degree that they will never understand how nature even works, let alone comprehend how to take care of it for the long haul.

According to Chawla, various conservation organizations are now trying to develop new ways to connect the next generation of youth with nature, and interest is growing. There is still a contingent of young folks who want to connect with nature and better learn how to be good stewards of it.

On the flip side, there are many more young people who only know what the television and internet are telling them about nature because they have never actually experienced it for themselves. Consequently, many of today’s children only know fear when it comes to anything nature-related, which is creating a mass aversion to it among younger demographics.

“Young people’s emotions of worry, frustration and sadness as they learn about environmental degradation also express their understanding that they are connected to the biosphere,” Chawla explains, emphasizing the negative human emotions that are being instilled into children by the climate propagandists.

“Therefore this review includes research on how young people cope with information about large?scale environmental problems, and it identifies practices to sustain hope.”

Here’s an idea: How about letting children innocently experience nature without brainwashing them into deceptive climate doctrine?

Even though she identifies a very real problem with the climate change agenda – mainly the destruction of climate innocence in young children – Chawla still pushes the narrative that global environmental changes, including biodiversity loss, are accelerating.

This type of fear-mongering, no matter how well-intentioned, is not doing young people any favors. Most children, if raised from a young age to simply do their part to conserve and be good stewards of the environment around them, will naturally help contribute to a healthy climate without having to be indoctrinated into living in constant fear about the climate somehow failing due to “inaction.”

Eric Worrall, writing for Watts Up With That?, put it well in writing that children need to be left out of the fray of all the climate bickering. Children deserve to maintain their innocence, in other words, and need to be allowed to experience nature without all the brainwashing that goes along with being an “environmentalist.”

“Here’s a radical idea; how about society eases off abusing children by filling their minds with miserable scientifically unsound predictions of imminent climate catastrophe, so they can just enjoy being kids?” Worrall writes.

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