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Mike Adams tells Brannon Howse about global effort being pushed to achieve depopulation – Brighteon.TV

The Health Ranger Mike Adams told Brannon Howse about the global effort to achieve depopulation during a recent episode of “Brannon Howse Live.”

A published scientist who owns a multimillion laboratory, Adams explained that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines contain aluminum, which has toxic effects on neurology, fertility and other physiological functions.

Adams shared that many years ago, he was labelled as conspiracy theorist for talking about fraud in the vaccine industry. He finds it interesting that even mainstream conservative media like Breitbart and Daily Caller have awakened to the truth about how vaccines are being weaponized against humanity and why we should not trust Anthony Fauci and the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). (Related: Fauci as Gestapo chief: Regime will “mandate” COVID vaccines if hardcore group of patriots continue refusing the jab.)

“It is a massive network of criminal fraud. I mean, I wrote about a CDC scientist years ago, who absconded with millions of dollars of federal money and is currently a fugitive from justice, living in Europe hiding from U.S. marshals. And yet his studies are still cited by the CDC in the White House and everybody else to say that vaccines are safe,” Adams said.

“It’s just been confirmed across the board, across conservative media, independent media, Christian media, and so on. It’s only the corporate-run, left wing media that’s still pushing the poison and the lies.”

Howse said the great collapse is necessary for the great reset.


“I’ve come up with seven F’s by which to control people: forced vaccinations, finances, food, firearms, foreign invasion, family health care — meaning control [over] your health care — and First Amendment, taking away your first amendment rights. Seven F’s to controlling collapse,” Howse said.

Adams noted that the great reset from the World Economic Forum means targeting the first world nations differently from the third world or developing countries.

“They’re targeting them with food scarcity, and food scarcity is being achieved by taking carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere with CO2 sequestration technologies. They’re also limiting fossil fuels like natural gas,” said Adams.

He said hydrocarbons that are used through a process called the harbor process is the most important chemical equations in human civilization because it is the basis for all fertilizers that feed about 3.8 billion human beings in the developing world.

“In the third world, when you shut down fossil fuels, you begin mass starvation. Now for the first world nations, they’re being targeted with the depopulation and biological weapon that is mislabeled as vaccine. And these vaccines are designed to kill over time, not to kill immediately,” Adams noted.

“People will die of cancers at an accelerating rate. For now, for the next decade, we’re going to have deaths by cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, stillbirth, which are already on the rise, in addition to the myocarditis, the blood clots and the thrombosis deaths that are happening in the early phases.”

Cutting off fossil fuels leads to mass starvation

Adams said there is a global shortage of fertilizer, and it is especially pronounced in Europe. “Crops are going to be suppressed throughout 2022 and beyond,” said Adams, who mentioned the importance of hydrocarbons in making fertilizers.

“You cut off fossil fuels, which is what they’ve done in Europe to catastrophic effects, you begin a process of mass starvation of the planet. Carbon dioxide is named as the enemy of the climate change pushers. Carbon dioxide is the molecule. We should call it the miracle molecule. This is what grows food crops and rain forests and plants and grasses and fields. If you want to green the earth, you need CO2.” Adams said.

He related that Heartland Greenway was launched in Illinois and Iowa to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere in a terraforming operation and turn it into liquid and pump it underground under the state of Illinois.

“This is all public information. They’re seizing farmland with eminent domain to carry this out right now. This is a planetary scale, terraforming operation to destroy food crop production, causing mass famine and starvation and a global cooling effect that will make human civilization as we know it today unsustainable. That’s the truth.”

According to Adams, mass death is happening in America by design.

“There’s vitamin D suppression across the population. And that, combined with more shedding of spike proteins, more booster shots, more immunosuppression, more emotional stress from lockdowns and hysteria pushed by the media, all leads up to mass death in America. It’s a death by design. It’s all intentional. And it’s only just beginning.” (Related: Vaccines are now EXTERMINATING oblivious Democrats while illegal immigrants are PROTECTED from vaccines so they can replace dead Democrats.)

Watch the full video of Brandon Howse Live with Mike Adams below.

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