The POWER of the RIGHT question: The best questions about elections, vaccines, prescription medications, and food ingredients yield the best answers

How ironic that the Democrats running the country right now are persecuting anyone and everyone who questions the validity of the 2020 election, when they spent 4 long years questioning the 2016 election, using every tool in the box, including attempted impeachment, and of course, the daily news-splattered Trump-Russia collusion hoax. Now, the Democrats in DC say that anyone asking any questions about the validity of any part of the 2020 POTUS election is a “domestic terrorist” including all MAGA Republicans.

Good questions are how to find the truth, and many vital areas need investigating, including elections, vaccines, medications, and food

The best questions yield the best answers, and that’s why dementia-ridden resident Biden rarely takes any questions after press conferences, unless they are scripted softballs from expected fake news reporters and he has his answer card and teleprompter from which to read the preset answers (which he still can’t even get right).

Intelligent questions bring out the truth in matters, even when unanswered. People who questioned the whole Covid mask wearing scandal were right, and science and practice proved the masks were useless and, in fact, harmful to health.

Smart questions about election processes, voting, ballots, drop boxes, machines, dead people voting, illegal immigrants voting, and more have revealed there were many rules, regulations, and constitutional rights BROKEN to help Biden win. Period. Video proves it too. Just because the mass media buries it all doesn’t mean it did not happen.


Watch Republican politician and former TV news anchor Kari Lake rip to shreds the Democrats who say questioning the 2020 election is an act of anti-American aggression:

Nearly everything “science-based” regarding medicine and vaccines is corrupt to the core these days

Plus, nearly everything “science” having to do with medicine and vaccines is corrupt to the core, and thousands of great questions go unanswered and without proper research because pharma has their evil grip on it all. From the ground-zero Wuhan lab to Pfizer’s criminal rap sheet, everyone now has to sit back and watch these science goons get away with genocide, all while brainwashing the masses that they’re creating “medicine” to save the world. It’s time to question everything, or else reject it outright. Here’s a list:

Fake global warming

Fake election ballots

Faulty Dominion election machines

Toxic vaccines

Deadly prescription medications

Manufactured food shortages (that could all be avoided)

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Genetically Modified Food

“Gender fluidity”

Why people on prescription medications are the sickest people in the world

Preventable diseases and the mainstream treatments of them all in America

How hospitals and medical doctors make bonuses from Covid everything


Unnecessary surgery on dying seniors

If authorities, politicians, doctors, and scientists won’t answer your questions, it’s because they’re hiding something, and that “something” could be life threatening to you and your family. Don’t stop asking questions, ever. It’s the basis of everything scientific. The science is never “settled.” This is an evolving world and only the fittest and the informed will survive these trying times. Stay frosty friends. Keep your eyes open. Don’t believe what you read in the paper or see on the nightly news. It’s all scripted and it’s always about the money and controlling you.

Do your own research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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