Dutch government’s new climate agenda will force thousands of farmers out of business and destroy Europe’s food supply chain

The Dutch government’s new climate agenda will force thousands of farmers out of business.

The new agenda involved state-forced buyouts of around 500 to 600 farms as early as next year. In simpler terms, the Netherlands is forcing the farmers to sell their land to the government.

“Our criminal government has announced [on Wednesday, October 5] that they’ll be speeding up the theft of our farmers’ land. [Around] 500 to 600 farmers will be forced to sell their land to the state in the next year. The farmers have announced new protests, so stay tuned,” tweeted Dutch political commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

Tens of thousands of Dutch farmers have since taken to the streets to oppose the new climate agenda of their government. However, official government narrative insists that this “transition” is necessary to reduce animal-based agriculture and the dangerous emissions from the meat industry.

Many suspect that this narrative is just a cover for an old-fashioned land grabbing.

“There is no space left in the Netherlands. So, what will they need to do? They will need to seize some of the land of these farmers in order to house new Dutch people, the newcomers to our country,” Vlaardingerbroek explained.

“So, that is what this is really about. And of course, there’s also the element of our elites not wanting us to have independence or control over our food supply and they obviously also don’t want us to eat meat. So, the farmers are standing in the way of their plans and that’s why they’re being targeted right now.”


Dutch campaigner Willem Engel also thinks that the Dutch government is forcefully seizing farms under the guise of climate protection.

He said that the government is not seeking to eliminate about a third of its farms for environmental reasons. The goal is to construct the Tristate City, which is envisioned to become a megalopolis with a population of around 45 million and extending to areas of Germany and Belgium.

Engel added that the so-called nitrogen crisis is fictional and a purely political issue made to reshape the country’s landscape.

Dutch agricultural group says expropriation is a bad idea

Slashing the number of livestock by 30 percent is one of the most radical plans of its kind for the Dutch government to address its “nitrogen crisis.” (Related: Dutch farmers group vows to continue protests, calls into question “science” behind nitrogen fertilizer ban.)

Livestock manure releases ammonia when mixed with urine. It then becomes a nitrogen compound that could potentially be dangerous if it gets into lakes and streams via farm runoff. Moreover, excessive nitrogen can damage sensitive natural habitats by encouraging algae blooms that deplete oxygen in surface waters.

The Netherlands has one of Europe’s largest livestock industries with over 100 million cattle, chickens and pigs. It is also one of the continent’s biggest meat exporters.

“We are a relatively small country with a lot of inhabitants, industry, transport and agriculture, so we are reaching the limits of what nature can take,” said Rudi Buis, a spokesperson for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. “There is a high level of urgency for us to tackle the nitrogen compound problem. This means that in the near future, choices must be made.”

But the Netherlands Agricultural and Horticultural Organization (LTO) said in a statement that expropriation is a bad idea. Instead, the LTO proposed a plan to fund farming innovation and voluntary farm relocation or closure.

“First, it is a land grab – which does not fit with good governance,” LTO pointed out. “The other reason is very practical. Expropriation takes five to seven years before you have results, and in many cases longer. We don’t have this time, and it is of course far more expensive.”

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Watch the video below about Dutch farmers opposing government overreach.

This video is from the TNTVNEWS channel on Brighteon.com.

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