Montana courts rule state is responsible for IMAGINARY problems dreamed up by scared, climate-obsessed teens

For the first time ever in the United States, a band of climate lunatics has successfully won a court victory declaring that any further fossil fuel development violates one’s constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment.

In Montana, a group of young environmentalists was able to convince District Court Judge Kathy Seeley that the state’s ongoing fossil fuel endeavors violate the right of young people to not become “polluted” with carbon dioxide (CO2) and other so-called “greenhouse gases” that make climate cultists afraid of melting ice caps and rising ocean levels.

State officials have promised to challenge the ruling to overturn it, but should it remain, an entirely new legal precedent will be set that bars all further issuance of fossil fuel permits by the government. This will force the state of Montana, and possibly the country as a whole, to convert to strictly “green” energy, which will lead to total economic collapse.

Judge Seeley determined that the policy Montana uses to evaluate requests for fossil fuel permits is unconstitutional because it does not allow state agencies to take a look at greenhouse gas emissions.

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Who knew that Montana’s court system is controlled by climate cultists?

According to Harvard Law School Prof. Richard Lazarus, Judge Seeley’s decision marks the first time in U.S. history that a court has ruled against the government for violating a constitutional right based on climate change.


“To be sure, it is a state court not a federal court and the ruling is based on a state constitution and not the U.S. Constitution, but it is still clearly a major, pathbreaking win for climate plaintiffs,” Lazarus wrote in an email.

The state unsuccessfully tried to argue against the young environmentalist plaintiffs that Montana’s emissions are insignificant. Judge Seeley is apparently a climate cultist herself because she ultimately decided that Montana’s fossil fuel industry represents “a substantial factor” in global warming.

At the current time, Montana is a major producer of coal burned for electricity. The state is also loaded with oil and natural gas reserves beneath its land surface.

“Every additional ton of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions exacerbates plaintiffs’ injuries and risks locking in irreversible climate injuries,” Judge Seeley wrote in her ruling.

It will now be up to the Montana state legislature, assuming all appeals fail, to determine how best to bring the state into compliance with the ruling. Since Republicans dominate the statehouse, the process is likely to take a very long time as conservative politicians typically side with the fossil fuel industry.

The only way this was made possible, by the way, is because of the way in which Montana’s environmental protections are outlined in its state constitution. The only other states with a similar constitution are Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

“The ruling really provides nothing beyond emotional support for the many cases seeking to establish a public trust right, human right or a federal constitutional right” to a healthy environment, said James Huffman, dean emeritus at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland.

One of the plaintiffs in the case, 20-year-old Claire Vlases, joined when she was just 17 years old. A ski instructor, Vlases says that climate change is so scary to her that she fears its perceived consequences in every area of her life – likely due to climate indoctrination within the American educational system.

“I think a lot of young people feel really helpless, especially when it comes to the future,” Vlases said. “Hopefully this is one for history.”

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