Republican-controlled House of Representatives CUTS FUNDING to GLOBALIST institutions and the climate hoax

The U.S. House of Representatives, which is dominated by the Republican Party, has cut funding to the United Nations and several other globalist institutions.

The House Appropriations Committee (HAC), led by its chairperson Rep. Kay Granger (R-TX), approved HR 4665 on Sept. 28. The proposal determined the budget for the Department of State, U.S. foreign operations and other related programs for the 2024 fiscal year. According to a Sept. 28 statement by the HAC, the lower chamber approved the measure in a 216-212 vote.

“The bill claws back $11.14 billion of the Democrats’ wasteful spending over the last two years, resulting in new net spending of only $40.4 billion,” the statement said. “[It also] prioritizes agencies and programs that strengthen our national security; counter the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party; provide support to our allies; and promote American values at home and abroad – while cutting spending for low-priority activities and programs.”

According to the Daily Expose, mainstream media outlets zoomed in on the bill’s allocation for Ukraine. Items in the bill worth noting, however, include prohibition of funding to several agencies under the United Nations. Such organizations include the World Health Organization, UN Population Fund and the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

With the elimination of funding for the UN’s regular budget under the bill, Washington is set to save $707 million – an amount which can then be allocated to other needs. Moreover, it also seeks to increase accountability at the UN and other multilateral organizations, including by requiring written agreements for oversight access by American inspectors general.


The Expose also mentioned that HR 4665 “prohibits funding for Special Envoys, Special Representatives, Special Coordinators and Special Advisors unless such positions are expressly authorised or have affirmatively received the advice and consent of the Senate.”

This prohibition eliminates 33 special envoys and special representatives at the State Department, including:

  • Special Climate Envoy John Kerry
  • Special Racial Equity and Justice Representative Desiree Cormier Smith
  • Special LGBT Rights Envoy Jessica Stern
  • Special International Labor Affairs Representative Kelly Fay Rodriguez
  • Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs Hady Amr

HR 4665 also cuts climate-related funding

Aside from depriving globalist endeavors of much-needed funding, HR 4665 also removes allocations for the sham “climate change” narrative. According to the measure, “no funds are to be given toward the Green Climate Fund (GCF) or the Clean Technology Fund (CTF).”

Established in 2010, the GCF is the world’s largest climate fund that “accelerates transformative climate action in developing countries.” Its funds are administered by the World Bank.

Meanwhile, the CTF is one of two funds – alongside the Strategic Climate Fund – under the Climate Investment Funds framework. It promotes scaled-up financing for demonstration, deployment and transfer of low-carbon technologies.

The World Bank also administers the CTF’s funds, in the same manner as that of the GCF. Its funds are then channeled through various financial institutions – such as the African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Inter-American Development Bank.

HR 4665 also prohibits the Department of the Treasury from carrying out the Biden administration’s climate agenda at the World Bank and other multilateral development banks. This, according to the bill, harms developing countries and opens the door to predatory financing from Communist China.

The measure also mandates the Government Accountability Office to conduct a study on climate funding during the Biden administration to demonstrate that it has had no measurable impact on temperatures and merely wasted taxpayer funds.

Lastly, the bill – which is currently in the U.S. Senate after the lower chamber’s approval – eliminates counterproductive climate programs that harm energy security and economic development in underdeveloped countries. Such programs, it warns, leaves nations “even more dependent on U.S. aid and more vulnerable to the malign activities” of both China and Russia.

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