Insiders warn the dangers of ‘going green’ will be catastrophic as the Biden cabal rushes shutting down hydroelectric dams and coal plants that supply power to 10s of millions

This new story over at Resist The Mainstream presents us with just one piece of a puzzle that’s not too difficult to put together if we only look at all of the puzzle pieces, rather than just this one. With their story titled “Grid Operator Sounds Alarm As Coal Plant Shutdown Threatens Power for Millions,” that story immediately caught my attention with the Brandon Shores coal power plant near Baltimore, Maryland serving millions of people in the Baltimore/Washington DC region and that closure, planned for June of 2025, being just a small part of a much larger settlement with the Sierra Club.

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Reporting that back in 2020, Texas-based Talen Energy, the coal plants operator, had agreed with the Sierra Club to close Brandon Shores and two other major coal plants in the region in an attempt to avoid any future litigation, the then-CEO of Talen Energy, Ralph Alexander, described the move as part of the company’s transition to green energy and its broader environmental, social and governance (ESG)-focused future.

However as the operator of the grid, PJM Interconnection, has warned, the premature closure of Brandon Shores would create an imbalance in the grid with Jeff Shields, the spokesman for PJM Interconnection, direly warning the severe voltage drop and thermal violations across seven PJM zones that could result from the plant’s deactivation could lead to widespread reliability risks in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

With Shields also warning of “an urgent need to upgrade the transmission system in order to maintain reliability and the flow of power to the 65 million people we serve,” can you imagine the city of Baltimore and numerous surrounding areas, including Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania, without power for an extended period of time?

As the Resist The Mainstream story warned, such a scenario is potentially catastrophic.

And as we mentioned in our opening, to see the entire picture of what’s now happening across America we need to put the entire puzzle together, with the next crucial piece of the puzzle this new story over at Fox News reporting the Biden admin is quietly working on a settlement with groups in the State of Washington who are seeking to tear down a key power source there, four different hydroelectric dams.

Once again, a long-running project of the Sierra Club, the Sierra Club has outright stated that their goal is the protection of ‘wild salmon‘ in the Columbia Basin, damn the human beings who might suffer or die due to such premature shutdowns with filings jointly submitted by the federal government and eco groups requesting a multiyear pause on the litigation to allow for the implementation of the package as soon as Dec. 15, 2023.

So, starting to see the ‘big picture’? As we’ll explore within the remainder of this story, it’s not just power plants in the state of Maryland and the state of Washington that are now at risk due to environmental groups teaming with ‘big government‘ to shut down America’s power supplies in a mad rush towards appeasing environmental groups w/o first getting the proper replacements in place.

As Susan Duclos had pointed out within this November 24th story, everywhere you look as 2023 comes rushing to a close we see the Biden administration in a mad rush to destroy America. From leaving our Southern border wide open for who-knows-who to come rushing in to him forcing the American people to take their death jab, as Republican Representative Andy Harris warned of the decision to close Brandon Shores, “Closing an efficient, low-cost energy producing plant like Brandon Shores is just one more way America is surrendering our energy advantage to China and Russia.”

With Rep. Harris also warning of “a very real danger to the well-being and livelihoods of Maryland families and businesses,” having lived and worked in the Baltimore/Washington DC area for years and years I can assure you, most of the people living in those areas will be ‘up sh*t creek without a paddle’ should the power grid come crashing down for any kind of extended period of time.

While most of the people living in those city areas unable to even tell you what ‘prepping’ is, at a time when more Americans than ever are worried about paying their rent/mortgage, utilities and getting food under ‘Bidenomics,’ it’s not too difficult to imagine the chaos that would be unleashed should, God forbid, the grid come crashing down.

How many Americans do you think could even go a week without power, heat and water? And all of this madness unfolding now so the Biden crime cabal can appease the environmental groups seemingly running America (into the ground!) From this Resist The Mainstream story before we continue.:

Christopher Summers, president of the Maryland Public Policy Institute, expressed concerns about the accelerated timeline for exiting coal-fired power plants in the state of Maryland, known for its blue-shelled crabs and visually appealing state flag. 

“There has been a strong push for quite some time to get coal power out of Maryland,” Summers said in an interview with Fox News Digital. “In this accelerated timeline of exiting from coal-fired power plants in the coming 12 to 24 months, I think it’s going to create a major reliability concern for the state.” 

The loss of power poses a real danger to the well-being and livelihoods of Maryland families and businesses,” Summers said. “Until these current risks to our grid are fully dealt with, it’s a mistake to close reliable, baseload power plants too soon. That should be a concern to consumers in Maryland and businesses in Maryland that rely on dependable power.”

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