Top 8 SCAPEGOATS the LEFT blames as cover for all the mayhem they’re causing

The blame and hate game is in full effect in America, as the Biden Regime sinks the Republic faster than a glacier sinking the Titanic. Every problem created and perpetuated by the Obama and Biden autocracies has a scapegoat, or two, or three, just in case the brainwashed sheeple aren’t quite sure how to follow the fake news bouncing ball on any given day.

Before Obama took over the country, there wasn’t much racism left. Nobody hated anybody for the color of their skin, their religion or their preferred gender “associations.” Comedy made fun of everybody, everything and everybody laughed, even at themselves. Late show actors impersonated U.S. Presidents perfectly, and the satire provided comic relief to social issues, political problems and even racism.

Then came the beginning of the installation of socialism and communism in America. This meant all Americans had to decide who to hate (besides the government), and become convinced that the whole country was “up in arms,” bashing gays, pitting blacks against whites, confusing normal legal immigration with illegal immigration, all while trafficking humans, including prostituting children, through endless wars around the world.

Trump is not a white supremacist, the earth is not about to boil and taking everyone’s guns won’t stop the mass shooters who are all on SSRIs

Yes, the Leftist politicians in Washington DC want to exterminate the middle class of America. This accomplishes most of their goals to have complete police-state-control of everyone almost immediately. This is being accomplished right now by choking out and destroying the supply chain of food, agriculture, technology products, vehicle parts and medicine. Inflation is skyrocketing, crime is running rampant in the big cities and people are dying suddenly from vascular clots induced by mRNA technology.

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The news is run by the Left. Every TV show, movie, newspaper and social media platform is 99% controlled and censored by the Left. Make no mistake about it. The message (narrative) is quite clear. Hate your fellow man. Blame Trump. Pay outrageous taxes or die from climate change tomorrow, support perverting children’s minds and bodies in the name of gender “fluidity,” and blame all deaths on the fully-unvaccinated people.

The hypocrisy is deafening. First, the Left claimed the 2016 election was completely RIGGED because the Russians supposedly helped Trump rise in popularity while destroying Hitlery Clinton’s popularity. Sure. Now, anyone who claims the 2020 election was rigged goes straight to jail (DC gulag), does not pass go and does not get a trial by jury, ever. To peacefully protest any more elections the Democrats steal is to be a domestic terrorist who must spend life in prison.

Then, there must be no guns, walls or red hats allowed in America anymore. The poor, starving, climate-tortured “immigrants” must be given our homes, land, food, jobs, identities, voting rights, medical coverage and transportation anywhere in the country. Anyone who denies this is an extremist and xenophobe, including all minorities.

Also, if you don’t believe 100% that all vaccines are 100% safe and 100% effective 100% of the time, then you are a leper who wants to murder people by spreading infectious diseases on purpose.

This is how the Left blames everyone but themselves for all the major problems this country is suffering right now. They created it all. They are knee deep in their own decay, and still can’t see the forest for the trees. So without further adieu, here are the top 8 scapegoats the LEFT blames as cover for all the mayhem THEY themselves are causing.

Scapegoat #1. Trump and his supporters – anything that’s wrong with anything, including the economy, war, immigration – just blame those “Trumpers” and repeat over and over “Orange Man Bad!”

Scapegoat #2. Climate Change (the excuse for mass-illegal-immigration and human trafficking into the USA).

Scapegoat #3. Racism and “White Supremacists” – unless you’re black, you’re a racist (and if you’re black and side with any whites about anything, you’re an “Uncle Tom”).

Scapegoat #4. Gay-Bashers – nobody straight is fair or caring, and nobody religious deserves a happy life with their kids.

Scapegoat #5. Guns – every shooting is the gun’s fault.

Scapegoat #6. Anti-Vaxxers – anyone who doesn’t want to die from vascular clots and mercury poisoning is an “anti-science, anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist.”

Scapegoat #7. “Conspiracy Theorists” – any person who challenges the false-narratives or who believes in actual science.

Scapegoat #8. The Russians – Those pesky foreigners who love Trump and are constantly trying to take over the world, one U.S. bio-weapons lab at a time.

Tune your apocalypse dial to for updates on real news about recognizing the scapegoats for what they really represent – Leftist destruction plans.

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