WATCH: Mike Adams and Alex Jones discuss climate change “terraforming” of Earth and the possibility of an “Alien AI” threat against humanity

The deep state is after Alex Jones with recent attempts to shut down his entire Infowars operation, complete with a forced liquidation of his assets and padlocks on his studio’s doors. Public outcry resulted in the establishment backing off somewhat, at least for now, followed by Jones joining Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, to discuss what transpired.

In the latest episode of the Health Ranger Report, linked below, Adams and Jones discuss what transpired in the lead-up to this assault on free speech. They also talk about the globalist “terraforming” plot and the threat of “Alien AI,” among other pertinent topics.

The same forces trying to shut down Jones are also trying to shut down former President Trump, Adams explains early on in the segment – watch below.

“These forces that are allied against you and against Trump, they’re going to do every single thing they can get away with,” Adams explains around the 5:00 minute mark.

“You’re shining the light on these people. You’re making sure they can’t do this in darkness. If they try to shut down Infowars, it’s going to be the biggest mistake they’ve made only second to the mistake of prosecuting Trump for his made-up 34 felonies.”

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America’s ugly future

For the first roughly 15-20 minutes of the above segment, Adams and Jones discuss all the ugly details of what led up to the government going after Jones and his studio directly. They also discuss the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” and associated loss of life, which is now segueing into “bird flu” and what appears to be World War III.

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“It’s a cosmic war against life,” Adams says about these continued efforts by the globalists to depopulate the planet through all sorts of devious means.

Around the 23:00 minute mark, Adams explains how the American republic is lost, in his view, with no way to reverse course. The only thing left to do is to carry on the “spirit” of America in the best ways we know how.

“This republic is falling. It is crumbling. It will not be saved. The money system, the currency, will not be saved.”

Jones says nuclear warheads will start flying before the powers that be ever even consider giving up. Once they know they lost for real, they will stop at nothing to destroy the planet on their way to hell.

This includes with geoengineering and “terraforming,” as well as with the release of alien, or demonic, artificial intelligence (AI) programs designed to take out humanity.

Once the dollar completes its demise, the military-industrial complex will be no more. Soldiers will no longer receive a paycheck, which means no more imperialistic maintenance of the current world order as it descends into total collapse.

“The attacks will come just instantly against U.S. bases by all the other countries that the U.S. has bombed over the years,” Adams says. “This is going to get ‘mad max’ … so get prepared in any way you can.”

Concerning the AI takeover that is currently in progress, Adams and Jones both seem to agree that something alien or demonic is behind the technology. And so-called “climate change,” or “global warming,” is part of the plot to destroy all life, human and otherwise, so alien technology can completely take over the world.

“The alteration of the atmosphere, the sequestration of CO2 (carbon dioxide), will destroy the entire food web on planet earth, and that is the goal of the climate cultists,” Adams warns.

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