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California’s power grid is failing – could it be too much reliance on solar, wind?

The rolling blackouts are continuing throughout California as the Golden State hobbles through yet another record-breaking heatwave. But could the state’s longtime “renewable” energy policies and corresponding infrastructure be to blame?

While officials are blaming excessive heat coupled with lots of people having to use their air conditioners, we cannot help but wonder whether or not California’s longtime policies of phasing out “dirty” energy – you know, the reliable kind – in favor of massive solar and wind farms has anything to do with this energy shortage.

While California’s state electricity grid operator had originally indicated that blackouts would not be necessary, this was later switched to a “Stage 3 Emergency” that suddenly required rolling blackouts in order to keep the power system from failing.

“Too little [natural] gas (lost 470-MW plant) & too much unreliable wind (loss of 1,000-MW),” tweeted energy expert and bestselling author of Apocalypse Never Mike Shellenberger.

What Shellenberger is saying is that California has been retiring more traditional forms of energy production such as natural gas, which is abundant and reliable, replacing them with “progressive” alternatives that, quite frankly, cannot keep up with demand.

“The climate crusade is putting lives at risk,” Shellenberger further noted.

You can learn more about the “green” energy deception by checking out

Will Newsom finally be recalled over this energy crisis fiasco?

These rolling blackouts implemented by the California Independent System Operator represent the first to occur in the state since the energy deregulation crisis of 2001. Most of them took place in Northern California, affecting as many as 220,000 in the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) service area.

The blackouts rolled through Friday and Saturday as many areas of California suffered through triple-digit temperatures, which are continuing in many areas through the week.

When pressed about why this is happening, state officials blamed the “unexpected loss of a 470-megawatt power plant Saturday evening, as well as the loss of nearly 1,000 megawatts of wind power,” both of which Shellenberger noted.

Officials also indicated that alleged “cloud cover” over the deserts impeded the ability of solar farms to produce enough energy, once again illustrating the inherent failure of “renewable” energy when conditions are not optimal.

As many of our readers may recall, the 2001 rolling blackouts ultimately led to the recall of then-Governor Gray Davis. The hope among many is that a similar recall will happen to remove Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has run the state of California into the ground while padding his own pockets.

Hilariously, the left-wing media is blaming the heat wave and energy crisis on “climate change,” as opposed to the failed energy policies of those who pushed “renewable” energy on California in the name of fighting climate change.

The irony is not lost on this writer, who over the years has watched these charlatans manufacture lie after lie in deflection of their own failures. These far-leftists have nobody to blame except themselves for the energy nightmare that now plagues California.

“It looks like this and other green initiatives out in California are backfiring,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter, referring to the failed wind and solar plants that have been unable to keep up with this heatwave.

“It looks like since the coronavirus reusable bags are now a no-no as well. Radical leftist policies backfiring – oopsie! And these people claim to be the smart ones!”

According to weather predictions, California will continue to suffer through extreme heat at least through Wednesday, with more rolling blackouts on the way until it all subsides.

“It’s time adults started taking charge in California,” wrote another commenter. “Let’s start by bulldozing Hollywood.”

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